***New Ownership ***
After 25 years of  serving companion bird owners Love On The Wing is now under new ownership. Choua Lor and his team of passionate bird enthusiasts have recently become the new owners of Love On The Wing. Please wait until the end of January and you will once again see your favorite Goldenfeast bird food blends. In February Love On The Wing will be restocked with your favorite bird toys.

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( Must purchase at least 2 bird toys to receive discount.)

2. FREE BIRD TOY with any bird supplies order of $55 or more. (We reserve the right to substitute  Free bird toy with a similar or equal value bird toy.)

About Us

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Love On The Wing 
"The Parrot Lover's Paradise"
Serving You Since 1992
At Love on The Wing, we actually have a physical building wherein we actually stock the bird supplies that we sell. We are not a fly-by-night internet site operating out of some bedroom computer and telephone. We stock the products we sell, we ship the products we sell and we have real live people who can answer any questions you might have.

Beware of websites that have no phone numbers, no address and no real people to service you. With those types of places, if something goes wrong with your order, you'll have no merchandise, no money and probably no legal recourse.

Love On The Wing, the “Parrot Lover’s Paradise was founded in 1992 by Don and Kathy Kurta. It began when they rescued a pair of breeding Blue Front Amazons (that were in a terrible situation) and then fell in love with them. Don and Kathy felt that these gorgeous, magnificent creatures were literally the personification of “love on the wing” and thus, the company was established with that name.


Love On The Wing also offers a large selection of parrot related gifts for parrot loving people such as avian artwork, T-shirts, socks, clocks, watches, mugs, jewelry, tables, lamps and much more.

Over the years, Love On The Wing became the largest pet supply wholesaler and retailer in the Midwest that catered only to birds and bird lovers. Should you decide to acquire a parrot, Love On The Wing can provide you with names and phone numbers of appropriate individual people and organizations.

Love On The Wing prides itself on servicing their customers. Every employee has extensive knowledge of parrots. They’ll always do their best to answer whatever questions you have in order be certain that you purchase the appropriate products to

ensure the health and happiness of your precious parrots.

In 2017, due to health issues, Don and Kathy could no longer continue the operations of Love On The Wing. This is when Choua Lor stepped in and acquired Love On The Wing. Choua has always had a love for birds and a passion for bird loving people. He has vowed to continue carrying the finest bird supplies available and he is committed to carrying on the high standards of service that customers of Love On The Wing have come to expect over the last 25 years.

Please also visit the company's Facebook page loveonthewing/birdsupplies and "like" us. Please also leave your comments on our Facebook page and follow our timeline and comment on it. It would be very much appreciated.
Should you wish to contact Love On The Wing, please do so at:
Love On The Wing
1324 Payne Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55130
Open To The Public
Store hours:
info@loveonthewing.com or go directly to our "CONTACT US" page.

SEE LOVE ON THE WING'S PROFILE IN THE HARDCOVER BOOK "TREASURES OF MINNESOTA". Simply go to www.treasuresof.com search for Minnesota and then search Pets & Animals.

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