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Bells for you pet bird


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Bells & Balls
Bells & Balls
  • A great value !
  • It's a must to have wood and rope toys in your bird's cage to satisfy chewing and preening behavior.
  • Also, it's great to have a few more indestructable toys that you bird can just "bash around" to make sounds and release aggression.
  • This acrylic bird toy with heavy duty 3/4" marabella beads and bells is the perfect toy to allow your bird to make a little noise while playing.
  • It can be easily washed and disinfected.
  • Measures approx. 2 1/2" x 10".
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Lifetime Pipe Bell For Parrots
Lifetime Pipe Bell For Parrots
These durable pipe bells last for MANY years. These may be the last bells you have to ever buy for your bird -and the safest ones.

Most conventional, cheaper made bells are OK for smaller birds. But, if you have  strong birds or very mechanically oriented medium or large birds, they may be able to access the little "ringy dingy" inside the bell and break it off. This could lead to them swallowing that little metal piece or injuring themselves as they play with it.
These pipe bells are made of thick powder coated steel and have a "ringy dingy"  that is welded inside the bell. Birds cannot get their heads inside the bells or break off the "ringy dingy".
Play it safe and by the best!
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Our price: $10.40
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Space Jax
Space Jax
An "interplanetary" plaything for your bird. Colorful, safe acrylic toy shaped like somethingfrom outer space. With all the enticing movement and the bell, your bird will think this toy is "outta this world"!
Our price: $8.93
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The "LIFER"- Pipe & Bell Bird Toy
The "LIFER"- Pipe & Bell Toy
This is for those "rough and tough" birds. We call it the LIFER because this bird toy is so tough that you'll probably never have to buy another one. It features a powder coated pipe and bell (welded on). Also 10 drilled holes through the pipe allows you to replace all the great leather, rope and wood when your parrot chews them off!

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