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Bird Pellet Diets

Pellet diet bird food for your pet bird.
At Love On The Wing, we recommend that a bird's diet be comprised of approximately 1/3 pellet, 1/3 seeds, fruits and nuts, and 1/3 of the "good stuff" that you eat. (For example: fresh fruits, veggies, pasta, rice, grains, beans, small amounts of lean chicken and fish etc). Feeding your bird in this manner will ensure that your pet receives a wide variety of nutrition throughout its life.
Common sense will tell you no manufacturer of bird pellet food has "nature's magic formula". However, some are MUCH better that others. Simply look at the list of ingredients. Providing your bird a healthy pellet food as part of its diet ensures that when your bird eats the pellets- everything that is contained in that pellet is getting into your bird's system.
We believe that Goldenfeast and TOPS (Totally Outstanding Pellets) are the two best, healthiest formulations on the market.


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Goldenfeast Goldn'obles 2 Bird Food
Goldenfeast "Goldn'Obles" 2bird food.
Made with natural and organic ingredients! "Pellet" bird and parrot food- avery
nutritious parrot diet. Golden'Obles 2is ground into smaller pieces than regular Golden'Obles. Recommended forsmall parrot species (cockatiels, parrotletts, parakeets etc...) Can be served dry or cooked as a mash.
This nutritious diet is available in various package sizes- prepacked and sealed by Goldenfeast to ensure freshness!
Click on "See details" to viewavailable sizes and prices!
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Goldenfeast Goldnobles 1 Bird Food
Goldenfeast "Goldn'obles 1" bird food.
Made withmany natural and organic ingredients! Shaped in the form of a little "o" (approx. the size of the well known Cherrios cereal) all birds actually have fun picking the little round shapes up with their beaks and talons.
Recommended for all medium to extra large parrot species including Eclectus- a complete parrot diet. Click on the detail picture to see a list of ingredients contained in this amazing bird food diet.
Golden'oblesare also madein smaller pellet/morsel sizes for petite and small size birds. See Golden'obles 2 and 3.
(This nutritious diet is also availablein various package sizes- prepacked and sealed by Goldenfeast to ensure freshness!
Click on "See details" to view ingredients, additional sizes and prices!

Our price: $10.63
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