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Cooked Food

Cooked foods for your pet bird.
Cooking foods for your pet bird can be intrinsically rewarding for you and can provide a great nourishing treat for your bird.
Be careful (especially if you use a microwave) that the food is not so hot that it might burn your bird's crop. Test it on the inside of your wrist like you would a human baby's bottle of formula. It should be comfortably very warm but not real hot. Choose foods like the ones that appear hear that have a variety of wholesome ingredients.
We suggest you limit giving your pet bird cooked foods to no more than 2 to 3 times per week. If your desire is to cook 3 meals a day for your bird, you may want to stop and think. When do birds get cooked foods in their native habitat?
This is really not a trick question. Birds do in fact get warm mushy food in the wild. They get this kind of food when the mother bird or their sexual mate regurgitates the food to them.
Too much warm mushy cooked food on a daily basis can sometimes lead to the birds not eating enough of their dry foods in their cage bowls. It can possibly lead to creating more of a problematic "mating bond" than a ""flock bond" especially if such feeding behavior is coupled with over petting, over-cuddling and simply over physical stimulation of birds in the home.
Remember everything in moderation...

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